Insanity #1 – Disable YouTube HTML5 Player

To all the HTML5 advocates, hipster web developers and other technology illiterates out there – HTML5 video capabilities suck in all current browsers and will probably do so in foreseeable future. It doesn’t support reliable streaming methods (HLS is shit too), it doesn’t support content protection and above all it doesn’t allow to interact with OS of a user. So, for example, when you are watching a movie or listening to that 300 minutes long best soundtrack compilation on YouTube your PC goes into sleep mode.

Please stop using it in production, stop advertising it in your website’s “upgrade” and stop telling me how it will change “the face of the internet”. *I* can tell you how it is changing the internet *now* for me and dozen of other users.

And that includes you Google! You think it is a norm to force HTML5 beta testing on all your users in production? Guess what, it’s not! It’s not a norm to that extent that there is even a plugin for *your* browser to fix what you’ve had messed up in *your* website.

Now… to fix this insanity on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer just add to Compatibility View (ALT + T and then Compatibility View settings).

I guess the correct thing here would be to contact Microsoft, so that they could include shitty websites as YouTube on their global Compatibility List. And I encourage every IE user to do so.